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Scientific Journal founded in 2014 under aegis of University of Oradea (Romania), University of Debrecen (Hungary) and University of Gdánsk (Poland).

Edited by Oradea University Press

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

 Publication Ethics & Malpractice Statement

GeoSport for Society, through its content, adheres to the international regulations of good practice referring to ethics, errors and withdrawal. Any kind of unethical behavior is not acceptable, and GeoSport for Society does not tolerate plagiarism in any form.

Before submitting any material, please read carefully our journal ethical and publication malpractice statement. In order to avoid any type of publication malpractice each submission must be accompanied by our journal sample ““Agreement Letter”” signed by all of the authors. Before signing the ““Agreement Letter””, please read carefully the “Declaration” section at the end of the letter (above the signatures).

Conflict of Interest

Within four days since material submission for publication, the author (authors) is requested to acknowledge the editor in case of existence/occurrence of a real or potential conflict of interests which can be personal, financial or of other type with other persons or institutions and which can have negative impact upon the publication.

Declaration of authenticity, no double submission and no plagiarism

All manuscripts must be accompanied by the Agreement Letter with Copyright transfer. This form must be completed and signed by all the authors before processing of the manuscript can begin. Please read it carefully!

Agreement Letterwith Copyright transfer:  click here to download.

In the moment of on-line material submission at the editorial office, the author will receive a submission confirmation (not publication assent) with a registration number.

Submission of a material at the editorial office to be published implies that:

 -That manuscript has not been previously published (with the exception of abstracts or parts from a course);

 -It has not been submitted to be published in another publication;

 -The manuscript has the explicit (written) consent of all authors for publication;

 -In case the manuscript is part of a project, it must have the publication consent of the project manager and it necessarily must be accompanied by the acknowledgement;

 -The explicit consent of the authority/institution if the manuscript is part of a larger project accomplished under their tutelage/authority who owns the rights, that it will not be published elsewhere under the same form, without the written consent of the authorship owner;

 -The authors need to acknowledge all information (data) sources used in the manuscript, as well as the citation of publications which have influenced the research activity.

-The authors need to ensure that the original data in their manuscript can be clearly distinguished by the one published in other scientific papers. The authors of the manuscript need to ensure that the text, illustrations, and any other materials included in the manuscript do not infringe upon any existing copyright or other rights of anyone (also see our “Agreement Letter”).

If the author/authors identify significant errors or inaccuracies in the scientific paper, these must be reported to the editor.

To verify originality, your article may be checked by the originality detection service plagiarism.

Papers with any type of plagiarism will be rejected automatically and the authors lose the right to submit and publish manuscript to/in our journal and to/in other, “sister journals”.

Authorship and collective responsibility:

All authors listed in the manuscript need to meet the authorship criteria and all of them participate in the work in a substantial way and are prepared to take public responsibility for the work (also see our “Agreement Letter” All authors have contributed to the manuscript and that common agreement has been reached before submission (also see our “Agreement Letter”). In other case the manuscript can’t be accepted for evaluation in order to be published in the “GeoSport for Society”.

The sampleAgreement Letter”:

Our “Agreement Letter” in which appear all of the above mentioned ethical statements must be signed by all of the authors. Manuscripts submitted without the GeoSport for Society’s sample “Agreement Letter” or with a not all author signed one, will be rejected.

Changes at the level of title, affiliation, authors, references

This type of changes is possible only in the case of manuscripts accepted or published in the on-line version. The changes can be made until the date of publishing the printed version. If the problem is not solved until the printed version is published, the editorial board reserves its right to suspend the article in cause from the content of the respective volume/issue of the publication, including the on-line version as well. If later on, the solution of author/authors’ request is accepted and fulfills the requirements of the publication, the manuscript will be published in the following issue in both versions.

Accepted changes:

- adding or eliminating an author (authors);

- change/correction of authors’ affiliation;

- change/adjustment of title without affecting the meaning and content of the material;

- addition or elimination from the reviewers list;

The request is sent to the editorial office address, to the managing secretary ant it must include: motivation for addition/change/elimination from material and the written agreement (with signature) of all authors (including those added or eliminated).  


By publishing a scientific paper in GeoSport for Society, the author/authors accept the open access of the public to its content, free of charge, by respecting the effectual laws in this case. Each author will fulfill the attached form referring to copyright (Copyright transfer is included in Agreement Letter) which will be sent to the editorial office when submitting the manuscript.

Agreement Letterwith Copyright transfer: click here to download

The published article cannot be the object of other publications without the written agreement of authors and editorial board of GeoSport  for Society publication and without indicating (citing) the original source according to effectual laws.  


The editors of the “GeoSport for Society” reserve the right to reject manuscripts without peer-review if they do not comply the author’s guidelines or are beyond the aim and scope of the journal. Each paper will be sent to at least two independent reviewers. If there are inconsistencies between the reviewers, a third reviewer will be asked to review the manuscript. The editor will decide the acceptance or rejection of the manuscripts according to these reviews.