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Scientific Journal founded in 2014 under aegis of University of Oradea (Romania), University of Debrecen (Hungary) and University of Gdánsk (Poland).

Edited by Oradea University Press

ISSN 2393-1353

Journal homepage: http://geosport.uoradea.ro/geosport.html

e-mail contact: geosport@uoradea.ro

mentenance and design:

HERMAN Grigore Vasile: grigoreherman@yahoo.com

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Editorial Board

Chief Editors:

ILIEȘ Alexandru, University of Oradea (Romania), e-mail: ilies@uoradea.ro

KOZMA Gabor, University of Debrecen (Hungary), e-mail: kozma.gabor@science.unideb.hu

Associate Editors:

COURTEIX Daniel, “Blaise Pascal” University of Clermont-Ferrand (France), e-mail: courteix.daniel@orange.fr

DRAGOȘ Paul, University of Oradea (Romania), e-mail: dpaul@uoradea.ro

WENDT A. Jan, University of Gdansk (Poland), e-mail: jwendt@univ.gda.pl

Editorial Board:

BÁNHIDI Miklós, University of West Hungary of Györ (Hungary), e-mail: banhidi@atif.hu

CAO Hua, University of Ottawa (Canada), e-mail: caohuhua@uottawa.ca

CHO Younghan, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (South Korea), e-mail: choy@hufs.ac.kr

CRISTEA Dana, University of Oradea (Romania), e-mail: danacristea07@yahoo.com

DEHOORNE Olivier, University of Antilles (FWI) (France), e-mail: dehoorneo@gmail.com

DEJONGHE Trudo, KULeuven (Belgium), e-mail: trudo.dejonghe@telenet.be

DERVIN Fred, University of Helsinki (Finland), e-mail: fred.dervin@utu.fi

EKBERG Jan-Eric, University of Malmö (Sweden), e-mail: jan-eric.ekberg@mah.se

FURT Jean-Marie, ”Pascale Paoli” University of Corsica (France), e-mail: furt@univ-corse.fr

GACEU Ovidiu, University of Oradea (Romania), e-mail: ogaceu@yahoo.com

GAFFNEY Cristopher, University of Zürich (Switzerland), e-mail: cristopher.gaffney@geo.uzh.ch

GAY Jean Cristophe, Nice-Sophia Antipolis University (France), e-mail: jcg06500@orange.fr

GENT van Maya, University of Fort Hare (South Africa), e-mail: mvangent@vfh.ac.za

IANOȘ Ioan, University of Bucharest (Romania), e-mail: ianos50@yahoo.com

JACKSON Steven, University of Otago, (New Zeeland), e-mail: steve.jackson@otago.ac.ny

JASTRZEBSKI, Zbigniew  Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport (Poland): zb.jastrezebski@op.pl

KACZAN Gisela Paola, National University of Mar del Plata (Argentina), e-mail: gisela.kaczan@gmail.com

LEW A. Alan, Northern Arizona University (USA), e-mail: alan.lew@nau.edu

LUCACIU Gheorghe, University of Oradea (Romania), e-mail: ghita_lucaciu@yahoo.com

MAGUIRE Joseph, University of Loughborough (UK), e-mail: J.A.Maguire@lboro.ac.uk

REIS Victor Machado, University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Duro (Portugal)

RODRIGUEZ ACEVEDO Rafael, Simon Bolivar-Sede del Litoral University of Estado Vargas (Venezuela),

e-mail: rafaelrodriguezacevedo@gmail.com

SHELLEY Fred M., University of Oklahoma (USA), e-mail: fshelley@gcn.ou.edu

TICHAAWA M. Tembi, University of Johannesburg, Șouth Africa, email: tembit@uj.ac.za

VOICULESCU Mircea, West University of Timișoara (Romania), e-mail: mircea.voiculescu@e-uvt.ro

ZARRILLI Luca, University Chiety-Pescara (Italy), e-mail: lucazarrilli@iol.it

ZUPPA Graciela Iris, National University of Mar del Plata (Argentina), e-mail: gracielazuppa@hotmail.com

Technical Editors:

ȘTEF Mirela, University of Oradea (Romania), e-mail: mirelastef80@gmail.com

HERMAN Grigore Vasile, University of Oradea (Romania), e-mail: grigoreherman@yahoo.com

Assistant Editorial Secretary:

DEAC Anca Luminița, University of Oradea (Romania), e-mail: anca_deac@yahoo.com